How to Properly Clean Up a Bathtub

Every day, when going into the bathroom, your mood deteriorates, because to look at the enamel bathtub without tears is impossible - it is cracked and all in ugly yellowish spots and weird smooshes. In such a bathroom it is not only unpleasant to bathe, but it even hurts to look at it, so the first thing that comes to mind is to buy a new bath as soon as there is extra money. However, money is not superfluous, and why buy a new one, when it is possible to restore the old one, while saving a considerable amount of money?

Today we will tell you how to restore an old battle-scared bathtub and how to make it look new and shiny once again.

Ways of restoration

Before proceeding with the restoration of the bathtub, you must make sure that it is subject to renewal, and not recycling.

Any old bathtub can be restored if:

  • The surface has become rough;
  • There are chips, scratches and shallow cracks in the bath:
  • There are chips, scratches and shallow cracks in the bath:

Bathtub cannot be restored if it has very deep cracks or worse, it is deformed. In this case, the miracle does not exist and the only way out is to dismantle it and replace it with a new bathtub.

Bathtub restoration by using liquid acrylic

This is a relatively new, yet a very effective method of bath restoration, which has proven itself to be fast, simple and easy to perform, and most importantly, the result is a durable and shiny bathtub every single time. All the work can take you a little more than an hour, or even less!

So, liquid acrylic for bath restoration is a very effective tool that is suitable for the restoration of your bathroom. You will not have any doubts, which cannot be said in the case of buying enamel, which happens for a wide variety of surfaces and purposes (enamel for pipes, enamel for cars, enamel for wooden surfaces, and etc.). This stuff is usually simply called “liquid bath acrylic”, and after its application it forms a half-centimeter layer, characterized by durability and water-repellent characteristics.

How to restore an old cast-iron bath

To do this, you have to purchase a special two-component enamel, designed specifically for the bath, and not for something else. In addition, you will need to purchase the following materials: rust solvent, abrasive powder, drill with sanding nozzle, sandpaper, some degreasing agent - all this will be needed to prepare the bath for restoration process that is ahead of you.

You will also need: a flat bristle brush, a respirator and gloves.
Work process:

  • 1. Prepare the bath surface (wipe off the old enamel, remove the rust stains, wash it off and degrease the bath surface).
  • 2. Apply the enamel, starting from the sides, wait until it is completely dry, and then apply the second layer of your enamel.

And that is basically it! You have restored the bath. Yet beware, you should not use it for about a week or so, until the enamel gets into all the cracks and gets stable. The following restoration work will have to be carried out in approximately 10-15 years.