Clean Kitchen is The Key to Success

A clean, cozy kitchen, from which mouth-watering aromas fill out the entire house - this is what distinguishes a proper hostess from an ordinary homeowner. It is safe to say that the kitchen, where the dishes shine, the smell is great and the atmosphere overall is suiting and calming , are a matter of pride and are a great achievement, e.g how to meet single ladies.

Today, we bring to your attention a couple of useful tricks, which will help you to maintain cleanliness and order in the most sacred place in the house, the kitchen.

Glass and Crystal

If you want glassware, wine glasses, and salad bowls to shine like they are new, then it is not necessary to buy expensive cleaning products. The easiest thing to do is to use salt and vinegar to wash them.

Enameled pans

Over time and during use, especially if something is burned, enameled pans lose all of their presentation. A neat appearance will return to them by boiling water with the addition of detergent and soda in a pan you wish to clean! Make it a rule to boil water with vinegar in such pans once a month, and then they will always look new.


Aluminum pottery (pots, basins, bowls, etc.) will return to their former gloss and beauty by doing the following procedure - boil water with citric acid/vinegar/apple peel/rhubarb in them. In general, anything sour will do.

The right way to clean up the fridge

Many products are stored in the refrigerator, so we would not recommend using any specialized cleaning products to wash it – you are always at risk at spoiling some food. Use soda! This is a very effective, affordable, budget, and most importantly, safe method of doing so.

Something burned up your pot

You can get out of this unpleasant and annoying situation in the following way - fill the pan with water, get some soap in there and bring everything to the boil. Work great every time!

How to store flour

Unfortunately, over time, various spiders and bugs may get into your flour, to avoid this, put a pair of garlic cloves in a bag of flour.

Milk stain

When you boil milk and some amount spills out, it forms unpleasant foul-smelling and badly erasable stains, pour salt on them and cover with paper so that it is easy to get rid of them. The smell is blocked, and the spots are easy to get rid of with paper.

Sharp knives

Before sharpening the knives, place them in a container with cold salted water, then, after doing so, do now wipe them, sharpen them as they are.

How to wash the meat grinder

After you have minced the meat or ran out something fatty, viscous, you must run a raw potato through a meat grinder. That way you will remove the remnants of the product and fat from the inside.

How to save your glasses

Some traditions say that to break glass is to expect fortune, but there is nothing pleasant in it, especially when it comes to expensive gifted cups. These glasses can be given additional strength after the following procedure: put the glasses in a saucepan with cold water, bring to a boil over low heat and leave them to cool completely.