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How many products can I post?
Standard members may post up to 100 products.

I don't have an image of my product is that ok?
Yes, that is fine but we would encourage you to try and get an image as it will give people a better idea of what you are selling. Make sure you have the right to use any images you post.

What happens when a product is approved?
Approved products are listed and searchable via the Products page.

Why has my product been disapproved?
The main reasons for disapproval are:
  • Not enough information - try and give a good description of the product and a relevant product title. Where possible fill in the extra information such as packaging and delivery time.
  • You've included your contact details in the description.

Submission Guidelines
Product Category
Ensure you choose the correct category for your product. The product section is for physical products not services.

Product Title
Keep the title short but as informative as possible. Do not waste space by starting with 'Sell' or similar.

Product Details
Give as much information as possible about the product, not about your company! The description should match the product title, do not use this section to describe your whole product range.

Format the writing so it is easy to read - make good use of space between paragraphs. Follow commas with a space (i.e item1, item2, item3 etc.)

Do not include any contact information, these should be available on your company page.

Product Image
Use a good quality image of the product. There should be no contact details on the image. Company logos are not allowed here.

Extra Product Information
Where possible fill in the extra information such as model number, packaging details, delivery time etc.