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How many documents can I post?
Standard members can post up to 10 documents. Basic members can not post any documents.

What sort of documents should I post?
Some ideas are:
  • Copies of your company brochure
  • Product information sheets.
  • Photographs of your factory and workers.
  • Copies of your company certificates/accreditations.
Which file formats are allowed?
You can post image files in .jpg or .gif formats, PDF files, text files and Flash animations. We will consider allowing videos in the future.

What is the maximum file size?
Any document posted must not be more than 100KB in size.

Submission Guidelines
Document Title
Keep the title short but as informative as possible.

Document Summary
Again, keep this short, just enough information so the visitor can tell whether the document will be of interest to them.

Format the writing so it is easy to read - make good use of space between paragraphs. Follow commas with a space (i.e item1, item2, item3 etc.)