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What happens when a company is approved?
Approved companies are listed and searchable via the Companies page. In the future only approved companies will be able to post products and leads.

My company is still 'Awaiting Approval' how long will it take to be approved?
We will approve companies as quickly as possible.

Why has my company not been approved?
The main reasons for disapproval are:
  • Not including a company name
  • Not enough information - try and give a good description of your company, it's history and products.
  • Including information that is false.
  • You've included your contact details in the description. These should only be placed in the spaces provided.
My company has not been approved, what should I do?
If you make the necessary corrections it should be approved.

Submission Guidelines
Essential Information
Your company will not be approved if there is no company name, contact person, address or phone number. You must also indicate your business type and your import/export category.

Do not input your whole address into the Address1 input box, use the Address2 and City boxes as well.

Company Profile
Give a brief background about your company. Do not use this section to simply list your range of products. Do not include any contact information in this section.

Format the writing so it is easy to read - make good use of space between paragraphs. Follow commas with a space (i.e item1, item2, item3 etc.)

Website Address
It is your responsiblity to ensure you have included the correct website address.