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Doing Business in China

This book is a general introduction to managing business enterprises in China, aimed specifically at Western and non-Chinese businesses and managers, particularly those with limited experience of China.

The Oxford Dictionary for International Business

The Oxford Dictionary for International Business

Specially compiled with the needs of business people in mind, The Oxford Dictionary for International Business is not only a comprehensive English dictionary, with full guidance on word pronunciations and derivations, but also an up-to-date guide to business terms, providing both the practical and specialist information that will be needed by anyone dealing with businesses and other organizations worldwide.

Breaking Through Culture Shock: What You Need to Succeed in International Business

A practical guide, with checklists and exercises, offering step-by-step guidance for those embarking on an international career. Advice is also given to organisations on how to develop and manage international career experiences.

Author: Carl A. Nelson

Chinese Business Etiquette
Scott D. Seligman

Building an Import/Export Business
Kenneth D. Weiss

Incoterms for Americans
Frank Reynolds

Letters of Credit
Walter Tracy

Export/Import Procedures and Documentation
Thomas E. Johnson