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Merchants have been trading across the globe for millenia. The old Silk Trade, merchant ships sailing the Atlantic, camel caravans across the Sahara - International Trade has stimulated the exchange of ideas and the spread of civilisation.

And it continues today. The bulk of the import export trade is carried out by small entrepreneurs and business people plying their goods and services across nations and making huge amounts of money in the process.

This website is for those of you that wish to join in this international trade but don't know where to begin or where to go for ideas.

The topics we'll cover include:
  • The easiest ways to enter the trade
  • How you should structure your import export business
  • What goods you should trade
  • Where to go for trade leads
  • All the regulations and legislation you need to deal with
  • The terms you should be familiar with including incoterms
  • Risks you should expect to face
  • Financial implications
  • And more ...
All aimed to help you with your import export business.

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