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How different life is from just a generation ago! Think of all the changes the Internet has brought communication is so much easier, the advent of VOIP means you can talk instantly, and for next to nothing, to someone on the other side of the world.

Instant messaging, email and services such as Twitter mean you can keep on top of the latest developments in any industry. People's horizons have broadened, no longer can they be satisfied with the limited opportunities available at home when they only have to turn on their computer to see the solutions being created and lives being led by their contemporaries in far flung places.

But coupled with this explosion in accessible information and communication is a culture of much reduced job security, more so than was enjoyed just a few decades ago. Companies find it very easy, too easy in fact, to outsource their work to countries with cheaper labour. Jobs for life no longer exist and in order to take greater control of their destiny more and more people are (by choice or necessity) starting to run their own businesses from home.

And what are so many of them doing? They are using these excellent modes of communication to reach manufacturers in Asia, because it's not only the large corporates that can make use of cheap labour. China and other Far Eastern countries have increased the volume of low cost manufactured goods available on the market and our canny business people are making use of this fact to source cheap products at wholesale prices, for resale at huge profit in their domestic markets enter the world of the eBay millionaire!

In the past prospective traders would be dependent on trade shows, trade missions abroad, foreign agents and embassies to hear details of the latest international trade leads and learn about the various goods they wanted to import. Now all they need to do is browse to an online b2b trade portal and search through lists of trade leads and products.

No doubt you're wondering what sorts of products you can get on these sites, the answer is anything and everything. The smallest plastic nick-nacks, the latest in wholesale electronics, art and craft, heavy machinery, minerals and ores, herbal products, medical equipment, wholesale clothing name it and you'll probably find a trade lead by someone who can supply it.

It really is far easier than before, anyone can search sell leads and post buy leads. So why don't you get your laptop out and start searching for those special trade leads that might guarantee you wealth and security in the future!

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