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There are many things that go into the decision to market a new retail product, especially one with the possibility of winning an international market.

Marketing, logistics and financing all play key roles in what products your business will sell. However the main thing you need to consider is the product itself and your target market. These two areas are the most important part of your future sales and will determine how you adapt your product to fit the needs and marketing strategies of specific demographics. In order to make the product as attractive as you can for potential buyers in the world wide market there are some modifications that may need to be made to not only the product itself, but especially the marketing and packaging of it.

If you are selling wholesale electrical products then obvious modifications will need to be made to not only outfit and calibrate the product to use the type of electricity in your intended market, but you will also need to verify the consumer product electrical regulations for those areas as well, making adjustments as needed to the product.

Additionally you need to keep in mind small things like your manual. Of course it needs to be printed in a variety of languages; however you need to make sure that measurement conversions are done in all forms of accepted measurement used in your target marketplaces.

  You will need to decide if your product should come assembled or not. There are many products that are sold internationally that come disassembled simply because the cost of shipping is dramatically lower. Don’t be afraid to look into this route if your product is easily assembled. However if it takes a team of engineers just to read your manual then you’d be selling yourself short by not spending the extra cash on assembly.

  You’ll need to consider the use of a product warranty. In some markets and industries particular products must be sold with some sort of factory warranty. The expectation of a warranty is actually varied from country to country. In some areas a warranty is required to be included with the majority of retail products, while in other countries, a warranty is quite uncommon.

  One of the hardest and most frustrating parts of selling wholesale products internationally is the packaging. Every country in the world has their own very specific importing laws and the majority of them require significant identification on all foreign-made products. These repackaging costs can be quite substantial and should be kept in mind when choosing a new market.

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