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Are you an exporter or manufacturer looking to sell your goods in another country?

B2B portals, government support, and increasing popularity of B2B trade will all help facilitate your business’s international trade.


As you probably already know, the benefits of international trade far outweigh the risks, but it is important to keep these new sources of risk in mind when entering the international marketplace.

The global marketplace has introduced new challenges, including so-called “culture clashes”. Other countries have different cultural norms, and they might hinder the efficiency or even safety of your international trade activities. Be sure to investigate what legal protections you have when dealing with distributors in a foreign country.

Another source of risk is the political situation of the foreign country. It is probably a wise idea to avoid looking for distributors in countries that have recently experienced or currently are in political turmoil, as a change in government can seriously hurt your business.

Other risks include unknowingly trading with an illegally operating business, or even the insolvency of the distributor. Both situations put you at risk for losing goods, money, or at the very least, time. Check out the legality and financial situation of the business -- some countries have organizations similar to the North American Better Business Bureau, or you may be able to contact your country’s embassy abroad to find out more information.

Marketing Yourself

You can find distributors through a variety of methods, including in person, online, and through telephone or email communications.

Industry trade shows draw distributors for the products, sometimes from other countries. By talking to them, you might hear about their competition abroad. You can also talk to fellow manufacturers or exporters of goods similar or complementary to yours. Particularly if their goods complement yours, both of your businesses might benefit from an arrangement where distributors sell your goods together.

Trade missions are another great way to find distributors. Become known to government officials by joining mailing lists and networking, joining your Chamber of Commerce, and requesting trade mission invitations from regional government trade offices.

B2B Portals

Online B2B portals offer a great way to meet many potential distributors at once, while saving time. You can list yourself in a well-known portal and attract interest in your products, or search for distributors who listed themselves as looking for goods in your industry.

When you create your profile or post on a B2B portal, keep professionalism in mind. Fill out your company profile as completely as possible, to inspire confidence in possible distributors. They will be more likely to contact a business that has clearly stated the industry it operates in, a paragraph or two about its history, its customer base, and exciting new projects or products. Aim to generate interest in your company through your B2B profile.

If you want to find distributors on (or offer your services as a distributor) then the section you should be posting on is the Partner Leads section.

International B2B trade has become increasingly easy in recent years. Take these basic steps to protect yourself and generate interest in your goods, and your business can benefit from finding international distributors!

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