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If You're Not Adapting You're Dying

That's the way of the world, if your company isn't moving forward, then it's going backwards and the amount of time that companies have to realise that they're in a negative spiral and then do something about it is shrinking all the time. And it's all to do with the internet.

Business to business portals on the internet have revolutionised world trade in a very short space of time. These portals allow firms and individuals to find the lowest cost suppliers and the best paying markets almost instantly and with a very small outlay. If your company isn't using business to business portals then you had better hope that your competitors aren't either and hope has never been a very good business strategy.

So what are business to business portals (b2b portals)?

They're a giant electronic marketplace, sometimes called e-markets that allow buyers and sellers to display their products and services to a precisely targeted market. Do you want to buy ink from India or sell sand to the Saudis? Whatever your import/export idea, there's a b2b portal just waiting to bring you together with an interested party. It's difficult to estimate just how many of these e-markets there are but current figures place the number at over a thousand worldwide, the vast majority of them doing business with English as their main language.

Most of the portals will require online registration and an annual subscription. Provided that the correct research has been carried out before, it is very rare that a company fails to recoup this small initial outlay.

As well as putting buyers and sellers seamlessly in touch with each other, b2b portals also offer a great marketing opportunity since they are a very precisely targeted way of generating sales leads. Companies that are interested in doing business in a particular sector will be present in listings for the relevant market, offering a simple and effective method of mining for sales prospects.

B2b portals may offer what is known as many-to-many services such as an auction style service like e-bay where an unlimited number of potential buyers can bid for goods and services, or they may just exist as a directory to put buyers in touch with sellers. Whichever of these two models is chosen, a successful b2b portal will also offer subsidiary services which allow companies to carry out and conclude transaction as part of the fee.

Choosing the right b2b portal might take some time and research to find which one is best suited to your company's needs. It isn't always the case that paying will guarantee you the right customers or clients. Experts advise newcomers to take advantage of the free, courtesy or guest listings that allow you to browse before you buy and to keep a track on how other people use the portal successfully before you commit yourself to the annual subscription.

With its unlimited capacity to bring business together from all over the world, b2b portals are an indispensable and easy to use tool for any company wishing to trade internationally.

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