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Country Ratings

Be sure you understand the effects political and economic situations can have on your import/export business.

Country Ratings give you an idea of the average corporate payment default risk (repayment of credit) associated with trading with companies based in a particular country.

Countries are rated from A1 (steady political and economic environment is likely to further the already excellent payment record of companies. Very low risk probability) to D (extremely unsteady political or economic conditions are likely to worsen an already very bad payment record).

Be aware though, that bad companies can exist no matter what the political/economic status of a country is. Likewise good companies exist in apparantly high risk countries.

Albania D
Algeria B
Argentina D
Australia A1
Austria A1
Bangladesh B
Belarus D
Belgium A1
Bolivia D
Bosnia D
Brazil B
Bulgaria B
Cameroon B
Canada A1
Central African Rep. D
Chile A3
China A3
Colombia B
Costa Rica B
Croatia A4
Cuba D
Cyprus A3
Czech Republic A2
Denmark A1
Dominican Republic C
Ecuador D
Egypt B
Estonia A3
Ethiopia C
Finland A1
France A2
Gabon C
Georgia D
Germany A2
Ghana C
Greece A2
Guinea D
Hong Kong A2
Hungary A2
Iceland A1
India A4
Indonesia C
Iran C
Iraq D
Ireland A1
Israel A4
Italy A2
Ivory Coast D
Jamaica C
Japan A2
Jordan B
Kenya C
Korea A2
Kuwait A2
Latvia A4
Libya C
Lithuania A1
Luxembourg B
Macedonia D
Malaysia A2
Mali B
Mauritius A3
Mexico A4
Moldova D
Mongolia D
Morocco A4
Nepal D
Netherlands A2
New Zealand A1
Niger C
Nigeria D
Norway A1
Pakistan D
Papua New Guinea B
Paraguay D
Peru B
Philippines A4
Poland A4
Portugal A2
Qatar A2
Romania B
Russia B
Salvador B
Saudi Arabia A4
Serbia Montenegro B
Singapore A1
Slovakia A3
Slovenia A2
South Africa A4
Spain A1
Sri Lanka B
Sweden A1
Switzerland A1
Taiwan A1
Thailand A3
Trinidad A3
Tunisia A4
Turkey B
Ukraine C
United Arab Emirates A2
United Kingdom A1
United States A1
Uruguay D
Vietnam B
Yemen C
Zambia D
Zimbabwe D